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Import is synonymous with opportunity! You can save up to 80% compared to Brazil, find a variety of products and still have the chance to earn extra income or even a profitable business at the end of the month!


Advantages of
Lucena Fácil


Combine packages and save: By consolidating all your orders into a single box, you pay less on your total shipping cost. In addition to many services that Lucena Fácil offers.



  • Express service

    Estimated delivery time 10 to 25 working days after shipment to all of Brazil.
    The deadline for other countries, we inform you based on the zip code.
    You will receive a photo of your finished box and the tracking code for tracking your shipment.

  • Bubble plastic

    Some orders require more attention, and in these cases fragile orders are packed in bubble wrap at no additional cost.

  • Full seal

    Efficiently sealed packaging in order to reduce the risk of damage during product transport.
    We seal all sides of your box with tape at no additional cost.

  • Compact Box

    The compacting will always occur and you, the customer, can authorize the removal of packaging, labels, or any unnecessary weight that could compromise your freight, and you still have the option of putting all your purchases together in a single box or divide it into several lots.

  • Fragile Order

    Fragile products require greater reinforcement in packaging,
    so we do not hesitate to ensure that the product is very well packed.

  • Product Testing

    Receiving a product that doesn't work can be frustrating. That's why we carry out usage tests on every product we receive.
    If a problem is identified, we inform the customer that we immediately return to the supplier.


  • Maria Gabriela, 32 years old

    So far it has been the best possible, in a very short time my order arrived and was placed in my stock.

  • Ana Claudia, 25 years old

    The service is excellent and very well detailed. I recommend Lucena Fácil with eyes closed to everyone.

  • Yuri Shimura, 30 years old

    So far it has been the best possible, in a very short time my order arrived and was placed in my stock.

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